Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My First Vexel Art -Laiza

You might already noticed this vexel art here on my previous post and ask why am I posting this again. Well on my previous post I did not post any brief information on this vexel art and it was just a bunch of my works on photoshop that I put all together in one post.
Okay, this vexel art is my very first try in doing vexels and the reference was my friend's picture. I asked her if I can do a vexel using her picture and she agreed on it, so I grabbed a random picture from her album.

When I did this, I got hard time figuring out where to start and what colors should I use, I was thinking if I'll pick my own color or just follow the colors on her face and I ended up following her face color on the picture. The pentool I got no problem when using it and I never took any tutorials on how to use a pentool, I just discovered how to use it on my own.

Here is the finished vexel of her picture.

Photoshop Cs2
Model: Laiza (Thanks for your picture)

Or you can view this piece on my deviantart account http://afreemind.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2lsig1

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