Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MMORPG games that I've played

Note: This is not a review on games.

I've been always addicted to mmorpg (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) games since year 2000, I've spent almost a total of 5,000 pesos for a single game (what game was it? you'll find it later.), which is way too much for me.

The first Mmorpg that I've played was Ragnarok online, it was the most popular game ever here in our place, and I think the first mmorpg released here in philippines. I was easily hooked up on the game, we only used a Dial-up modem by that time and later we upgraded it to DSL. This is the only game that I've played, that spent me 100 pesos a week and almost a total of 5,000 pesos. It was really a fun game and easy to understand, but a challenging game.

The second game that I've played was the MU Global, it was a cool game, has a touch of a diablo game style on it and it is for FREE. I learned how to trade dupe here, which was easy to do and I had a dupe item which was stuck in my vault and whenever you try to get it and put it in your inventory, you'll be disconnected. After a year, there was a franchise here in our country which is not for free, but, transfering of accounts from global to our country was available, I tried to transfer my account but didn't got any response from the global admins, maybe because of those dupe items.

We looked for free MU online game or a Ragnarok and we found private servers, which was for free, fast leveling and up to date features than the games here in our country. We've tried it and from one server to another, looking for servers that offers more exp, events, and handles their gamers well. the las game that I've play in MU was MU fortress and for Ragnarok was envyRO.

We got bored on those games, so we looked for a new one and at that time many mmorpg games came with a different game styles.

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth games that i've played was Gunbound, Tantra, Freestyle, and Ran Online, these are good games, but, I played it for a few weeks and quited because I don't have that much time and I was focused in my studies and Tantra was pay 2 play that time.

After I graduated from college, I went back on playing online games Mu and Ragnarok from a private servers. Then my brother's friend introduced him to a free 2d side scrolling online game called Maple Story, that was the first time we played a 2d side scrolling game. It was fun cause 2d side scrolling game was new to us and they have a huge online community, after a while we got bored and quited. Then we started searching for 2d side scrolling games that are free to play and we found Grandchase, windslayer, and ghost online.

Then I shifted to browser based mmorpg like Adventure Quest, and Gaia (ZOMG). I am currently playing Gaia online because you can style up your own avatar/avi and you can choose or mix costumes you like. Their mmorpg game ZOMG is fun even though they have few maps and quests, and leveling up is not that hard to do.

There are many mmorpgs now with various styles and unique gameplay which are free to play.
These are just a few mmorpgs you can play, and there are hundred online games out there.
Just my advice, Try all games and choose what you like best, enjoy, and always play in moderation.

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