Monday, September 14, 2009

CSS based drop-down menu in IE8

Have problem on how to fix or enable CSS based drop-down menu in IE8 work?
Here is how to make your CSS menu work in IE8. There are two ways or methods to fix it.

First Method:

Open your html file in IE8, press F12 and then a developer tools window will pop-out, in the menu bar, look for the Document mode and change it to IE8 standards, Refresh your page.


If you close this file and open it again the document mode will go back to its original mode.

Second Method:

After your open HEAD tag, type a META tag, inside the META tag type this attributes:

HTTP-EQUIV="X-UA-Compatible" CONTENT="IE=8".

This method automatically use the IE8 standards, no need to change the document mode.

Both solutions work properly in my css drop-down menu. Hope it also work in your css

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